Prosecution for Treason: Epidemics, Weather War, Mind Control, and the Surrender of Mary W Maxwell

Graduating from Adelaide Law School, 2011, holding hot-off-the-press copies of Prosecution for Treason and Thou Shatl Not Kill Troy Davis.
Born Boston 1947, migrated to Oz 1980, educated at Emmanuel College, Johns Hopkins and Adelaide Uni. Holds the law degree LLB, mirabile dictu. Hopes to save the world type thing.

Fave songs: anything sung by Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel or Roberta Flack, anything played by John Williams. Basically, all sacred music and anything sad like Dvorzakís Going Home, Gluckís Euridice, or Elvisí Let It Be Me.
Fave dance music: Glenn Miller (not joking). My heroes: Carol Rutz, Tim Jarvis, the late Judith Shklar, Rodney Stich, Wendy Beal, Laurent Louis, Dee McLachlan, Larry Mendoza, Yukihisa Fujita.
Best Youtubes: all the hakas, all the Bill Windsor interviews, Monty Pythonís Ministry of Silly Walks. Fave drink: Coke (Iím sorry). Fave artist: Albert Namatjira -- there really isnít any competition, is there?
Fave word: fave.