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My latest article:

Justina Pelletier’s Case – Not What It Seems
By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Thanks to Bill Windsor and his Lawless America series on, the public has been able to find out what’s going on in courthouses these days. The following appears to me to be the “big picture.” If you don’t already know about the plan to ruin America, this will seem unbelievable, but please invest 10 minutes in reading it.

1. The mother-child bond is to be destroyed.
2. The courts are to rule unfairly and to harass the litigants.
3. Anyone who challenges The Powers That Be is to be killed (or perhaps just financially ruined, or disabled, or bereaved).
4. The media is to present occasional cases of suffering and injustice in order to remind us of our helplessness.

I recommend that we not concern ourselves with the particulars of the Pelletier case. They are interesting and heartrending, so it makes for good reportage – but that is just what our “overseers” want -- for us to get bogged down in the particulars, and for good measure, to get traumatized.
I recommend, instead, that we pretend the last 30 years did not happen and just recreate the attitude of strong US citizens. This means going on the offensive against the persons who are wrecking our country, including their low-level servants.
Lou Pelletier, the father of Justina, appears to me to be a rare instance of someone who can handle this. He has all logic and goodwill on his side, and on the other side is nothing but raw power. (Truly I think the Powers That Be overplayed their hand on this one! It looks baaad for them!) Let me list the main points of the case and then suggest who should be in jail.
Justina Pelletier, age 15, of Connecticut, has been receiving treatment for years for mitochondrial disease (and so has her older sister). She found herself in Boston Children’s Hospital where doctors gave her a new diagnosis. Her family wanted her discharged, and put back into the care of her former doctor at Tufts. When they went to take her, in February 2013, they found that Massachusetts had got a judge to give the custody of the child to the hospital. As is typical, they implied that the parents had committed “medical abuse.”
Furthermore, the judge wrote an order forbidding the Dad to discuss the case publicly. Pelletier then went ahead and talked, and so, on February 18, 2014, he was charged with contempt of court. Meanwhile Justina is in pain, and is, to all appearances, incarcerated at Boston Children’s. Her family thinks she is in danger of dying.

It is my claim that the bosses of this country (I don’t mean Obama; he is bossed, not boss) are doing things like the above for the purpose of taking away our constitutional culture. The solution, therefore is to prevent them from doing this. It’s hard, in so far as the powerful do not appear to be the players. Folks are talking about the Pelletier case as if the issue had to do with doctors (or even with the merits of the diagnosis itself), or with a bureaucracy like Family Protective Services. No, no, it's really at a much higher level and is urgent for all of us.
I heard of the case only today, and can only give a rough outline of what may be available to punish the wrongdoers:

1. It looks like the judge is acting ultra vires in making a gag order. The father needs to talk publicly. Why not? (Ultra vires is Latin for “beyond power.” I claim the judge is not empowered to make such a gag order.) Note: to act ultra vires, in defiance of the US Constitution, is not a crime as such but I argue that it amounts to treason, which is a capital crime.
2. At the same time it appears that this judge is committing the crime of Obstruction of Justice. After all, silencing the Dad cuts off his access to all sorts of public support, doesn’t it?
3. “False imprisonment” is a common-law crime and is also actionable – you can sue for damages. Justina is being held against her will (and against the will of her proper guardians who are, but for the judicial chicanery, her parents).
4. Justina is being deprived of her constitutional rights under color of law and therefore she can sue in federal court (fee: $350.00, a steal!) against any party, including government, that deprives her of her constitutional rights (such as the right to be free). See 18 USC 242; the penalty includes death.

The thing is not to concentrate on any notion of the medical profession acting in her best interest (which, emotionally, may sound persuasive) or any notion of the state doing what it must do to protect. Come on, folks, you can see round those things.
Now to my statement, above, that this is a racket. I would not have known but for Bill Windsor’s Youtube efforts. (Note: Bill has been missing for 5 months, as issue in itself!). He shows exactly how courts are ganging up on completely innocent persons to get guardianship declared in favor of someone (who then often has the ability to take the person’s money). Many of Bill’s case are about guardianship of elderly: google for John Lobianco, New York, or Don Acree, Tennessee.
Windsor resurrected the case of Diane Booth, whose son was assigned to the custody of the state of California because she refused to give him the medication Ritalin for attention deficit disorder. She escaped with the child to Canada, whereupon the FBI went up there and kidnapped him. That was 15 years ago and she has not been able to find him. You see? Society does not come to her aid. This is the problem. I repeat: this is THE problem.
Why then did Fox News (which undoubtedly works for the Powers That Be) provide a forum for Lou Pelletier to be seen in a sympathetic light? I assume it is so a wider audience can get used to the “new way of the law.” Springing surprises on us is not the rule, per the experts in psychological warfare. Better to condition the people to a new reality, which they almost always accept. Our brains instinctively accept whatever is the norm.
Anyway, don’t fall for it. Go to federal court and mount a civil suit against racketeers, as is possible under the RICO Act.

Mary W Maxwell has a law degree and a doctorate in Politics. She fancies herself a jailhouse lawyer re the crime of treason. Her motto is "Let them make licence plates."